A clinic for children with special needs. A place where little stars shine. Ritu Chaudhary Hearing and Speech Clinic is a full solution hearing and speech care clinic providing best hearing and speech therapy for children with special needs. If you are looking at the best speech therapist in Chandigarh, Mohali or Panchkula, Ritu Chaudhary is the name to trust. Ritu is a highly experienced Audiologist and Speech Pathologist (ex-PGI) with more than 15 years of experience in delivering best speech therapy for kids. Besides a comprehensive portfolio of treatments and therapies for children, we also specialize in treatment of hearing loss by digital hearing aids. Equipped with latest state-of-the-art computerized equipment for diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing loss, we are authorized hearing aids dispenser for Phonak and Widex hearing aids in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

When a newborn isn’t frightened by loud noises, or a 5 or 6 month-old baby doesn’t react to the sound of their own name, this may suggest that they have a hearing loss. Older kids who can’t hear properly may turn up the volume on TV or computer, or fail to respond when a parent speaks. If you suspect early on that your baby can’t hear or you observe speech delay in children, we can help. Early diagnosis and treatment of hearing and speech problems in children can ensure extremely positive results in the future.

Our highly trained experts make a thorough assessment of hearing and speech problems using a battery of tests specific to the problem. Hearing tests for children include BERA while hearing loss in adults is assessed by more interactive tests such as Pure Tone Audiometry and Impedance Audiometry.

Based on the diagnosis of hearing or speech problem we have a range of treatments including developmental delay treatment, down syndrome treatment, mental retardation treatment, stammering treatment, cerebral palsy treatment, dyslexia treatment, hearing loss treatment, autism treatment, ADHD treatment, articulation problem treatment, unclear speech treatment and slow learners treatment. Ritu Chaudhary Hearing & Speech Clinics are undoubtedly the best clinics for mental retardation treatment in Panchkula and Kharar.

Besides these treatments we also have therapy sessions for children with special needs. Our therapy portfolio includes occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy and hearing loss speech therapy. Our expert therapists specialize in special education for slow learners and children with learning disability.  Specializing in the treatment of speech problems in children, our highly skilled staff ensures that your child is handled with the specific care and attention that he/she needs. Ritu Chaudhary Hearing & Speech Clinics are undoubtedly the best clinics for special education for slow learners in Panchkula and Kharar.